Resonant Blue Marketing

Resonant Blue Marketing began as a digital strategy and production agency in 1996. With a team of almost four dozen staff globally, we focus on supporting business growth through –

  • Strategic planning and blueprints
  • Creating YouTube channels, content and campaigns
  • Creating social media content and campaigns
  • Building web sites
  • Publishing books
  • Developing virtual reality software and environments

Each of these services is part of a strategy designed to support ongoing business growth in multiple sectors.

In 2022, we pivoted the business to focus on two spaces in particular.

A Focus on Film and Television

Most film and television projects focus almost entirely on story. That, in of itself, is a terrific place to focus. It does, however, leave quite a gap when it comes to bringing your story into the world. We help with –

  • Marketing the film to sponsors, investors, distributors and other funding bodies, and then
  • Building the audience on screen, stage, television or online to watch your creative masterpiece.

Simply put, we help you find the money to make your film or TV show, then we build the audience who watches it.

A Focus on Meaningful Businesses

There are plenty of digital marketing agencies out there who will build you a web site, a presence on social media or a marketing funnel. We have decided to focus more than twenty five years of marketing expertise into one area; to support businesses who stand for something, who are doing something to improve the condition of the world and everyone in it.

With that in mind, we are working with conscious companies who –

  • Support human health and well being
  • Respond to climate change
  • Support the environment
  • Support the health and well being of animals
  • Support diversity and gender issues

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