Enter the world of virtual reality (VR) for business as we explore the innovative Bulbeck Enviro Wash Bay Project. This VR case study focuses on the development of a powerful sales tool for their wash bay products. Our objective was to create immersive VR experiences showcasing three different wash bay sizes, which are challenging to demonstrate in person due to their large scale.

The Garage Wash Bay:

Step into the virtual realm to witness the garage-sized wash bay, meticulously recreated to provide an immersive experience. This VR simulation offers a compelling demonstration of Bulbeck Enviro’s wash bay capabilities, specifically designed for automotive applications. Experience the convenience and efficiency of their single-sized wash bay as it transforms the process of vehicle washing within a garage setting.

The Heavy Equipment Wash Bay:

In the realm of heavy equipment washing, visualising the efficiency and scale of Bulbeck Enviro’s triple wash bay is crucial. Through VR, we transport you to a vast warehouse where this impressive wash bay solution resides. Immerse yourself in a virtual environment that accurately depicts the size and functionality of the triple wash bay, specifically designed to handle the rigorous demands of pressure washing heavy equipment like trucks, excavators, and buses.

Revolutionising Sales:

By harnessing the power of VR, Bulbeck Enviro has revolutionised their sales approach. With the virtual reality sales tool, they can now showcase their wash bay solutions to clients without the limitations of physical space. This immersive experience allows potential customers to explore the features, functionalities and advantages of Bulbeck Enviro’s wash bays with ease and precision.

Unleashing Potential:

The integration of VR technology unlocks new possibilities for Bulbeck Enviro and their customers. By virtually experiencing the wash bays, clients gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities and how these solutions can streamline their operations. The immersive nature of VR facilitates informed decision-making and fosters a stronger connection between Bulbeck Enviro and their clientele.


Through the development of a virtual reality sales tool, Bulbeck Enviro has elevated their wash bay solutions to a whole new level. By showcasing their garage and heavy equipment wash bays through immersive VR experiences, they overcome the challenges of demonstrating large-scale products in person. This innovative approach to sales enables Bulbeck Enviro to effectively communicate the value and potential of their wash bay solutions, propelling their business forward in the realm of industrial cleaning and vehicle maintenance.