Experience the future of flooring selection with our virtual reality proof of concept developed for Flooring Xtra, a well known flooring company in Australia. Although this project didn’t go live, it served as a groundbreaking experiment in VR interactivity, revolutionising the way customers envision their dream floors.

VR Showroom: Bringing Flooring Options to Life

Flooring Xtra recognised the challenge their customers faced of accurately visualising different flooring materials in a traditional showroom setting. To overcome this limitation, we created a cutting-edge virtual reality floor design app that transported users into a fully immersive digital showroom.

Navigating the Virtual Space:

With our virtual reality demonstration, customers were able to step into various room settings of their choice, allowing them to envision their flooring options in a realistic context. By simply selecting a room, users could explore different flooring materials and styles firsthand.

Interactivity and Design Freedom:

The true power of our VR proof of concept lies in its interactivity and design flexibility. Users were able to dynamically switch between flooring materials, experiment with various colour options, and even customise patterns and textures, empowering them to create their ideal flooring design.

Immersive Visualisations:

Through high-quality graphics and immersive 3D environments, customers could truly visualise how different flooring options would look in their own homes. The virtual reality experience created a sense of presence and realism, allowing customers to make informed decisions with confidence.

Customer Benefits and Insights:

This virtual reality proof of concept provided several key benefits for Flooring Xtra and its customers. Firstly, it eliminated the guesswork involved in selecting the right flooring material, giving customers a tangible and accurate representation of their options. Additionally, the VR experience offered valuable insights into customer preferences, allowing Flooring Xtra to refine their product offerings and better serve their target market.


Although the Flooring Xtra VR proof of concept didn’t go live, it remains a significant milestone in the exploration of VR interactivity and its potential in the flooring industry. By pushing the boundaries of traditional showroom experiences, we have demonstrated how virtual reality can transform the way customers engage with and visualise flooring options.

We remain committed to innovation and continue to explore new possibilities in virtual reality technology, as we strive to enhance customer experiences and empower businesses to reach new heights of success.