Discover the future of automotive training through our Virtual Reality proof of concept developed for Motorius, a US-based website specialising in classic car sales to an international market. This innovative VR experience offers a glimpse into the potential of virtual reality for car mechanics, combining interactivity, immersion and practical training tools.

VR Car Mechanic Simulator: A World of Interactivity

Our Virtual Reality Car Mechanic Simulator takes the concept of training to a whole new level. With this immersive garage demo, every aspect of the virtual environment is interactive, providing a comprehensive training experience for aspiring car mechanics. From a variety of specialised tools to a highly responsive virtual car, this simulator offers an unparalleled level of engagement.

Interactive Garage Environment:

Step into the virtual garage and explore a meticulously designed environment that replicates a real-world car repair workshop. Engage with virtual tools, interact with car components and practice essential tasks in a risk-free setting. This simulator empowers users to acquire hands-on experience in a controlled and realistic virtual space.

Evolution of Virtual Mechanics Training:

In future iterations of our VR Car Mechanic Simulator, we envision expanding the capabilities to allow users to perform virtual engine repairs. Imagine the ability to dismantle and reassemble engines, diagnose complex issues and master advanced troubleshooting techniques, all within the virtual realm. Our goal is to provide an immersive and comprehensive training solution for automotive enthusiasts and aspiring mechanics alike.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Training:

The Motorius Car Mechanic Simulator offers numerous advantages over traditional training methods. By leveraging the power of virtual reality, trainees can access a realistic and dynamic learning environment without physical access to rare or expensive cars, or the need for expensive equipment. The simulator promotes a hands-on approach, enabling users to practice skills and techniques repeatedly until mastery is achieved.

Driving Innovation in Automotive Education:

Our VR proof of concept represents a significant step forward in automotive training technology. By embracing virtual reality, Motorius is at the forefront of revolutionising how aspiring mechanics acquire knowledge and skills. The immersive and interactive nature of the VR Car Mechanic Simulator not only enhances the learning experience but also increases confidence and competence in real-world automotive scenarios.


As Motorius embraces the potential of virtual reality, the VR Car Mechanic Simulator demonstrates their commitment to innovation and excellence in automotive education. This proof of concept serves as a foundation for the development of a comprehensive training platform that will empower car enthusiasts and future mechanics worldwide.

We remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of VR technology, expanding the capabilities of the Car Mechanic Simulator, and driving the evolution of automotive training. Together with Motorius, we are shaping the future of car mechanics education, one virtual experience at a time.

(Note: All images and videos used in this case study are representative and conceptual.)