Discover the transformative power of virtual reality in the realm of office design as we present our virtual reality office space design app. In collaboration with Office National, we embarked on a series of projects aimed at revolutionising the way office furniture are showcased and ordered online. Our highly interactive virtual reality office design experience allows users to explore and personalise their ideal workspace in a virtual environment.

Immersive Office Space Design:

Step into the virtual world of office design and experience a highly interactive office space that empowers you to shape your ideal workspace. Our virtual reality office design app offers the freedom to rearrange furniture, experiment with different layouts and visualise, right in front of you, how various office chair options integrate seamlessly into your personalised office setup. With a wide range of design elements and customisation options, the virtual reality office space becomes a canvas for your creativity and productivity.

Empowering Office Furniture Selection:

The virtual reality office space serves as a platform for a more informed decision-making process when it comes to selecting office furniture, particularly office chairs. With our app, users can explore the virtual environment, examine office chair options up close, and evaluate their ergonomic features, aesthetics and functionality. This immersive experience enables users to make confident choices that align with their comfort and productivity needs.

Seamless Customisation and Adaptability:

Our virtual reality office design app allows users to adapt the office space to their specific requirements. Whether it’s adjusting the desk height, positioning storage solutions, or incorporating collaborative areas, the virtual environment offers the flexibility to create a workspace tailored to individual preferences. By visualising these customisations in virtual reality, users can ensure optimal functionality and comfort before implementing them in the physical office.

Enhancing Collaboration and Communication:

The virtual reality office design experience facilitates effective collaboration and communication among stakeholders involved in office furniture selection and design. By sharing the virtual environment with colleagues or design professionals, users can gather feedback, discuss ideas and make collaborative decisions in real-time. This streamlined communication process ensures that everyone’s perspectives are considered, resulting in a harmonious and functional office space.

Efficient Online Ordering:

Our virtual reality office design app not only enables users to visualise and personalise their office space, but also simplifies the online ordering process. With the virtual environment as a reference, users can conveniently browse office furniture options, access detailed product information and seamlessly place orders within the app. This integrated experience reduces the complexity of purchasing office furniture and ensures a smooth transition from design to implementation.


The virtual reality office space design app developed in collaboration with Office National revolutionises the way office furniture, particularly office chairs, are showcased and ordered online. By immersing users in a highly interactive virtual environment, we empower them to personalise their office workspace, make informed furniture choices, and enhance collaboration and communication throughout the design process. Our commitment to leveraging virtual reality technology ensures a seamless and efficient experience, transforming the way office spaces are created and furnished.

(Note: All images and videos used in this case study are representative and conceptual.)