Join us on a journey through the innovative world of coffee training as we showcase the Cargo Coffee Pod VR project. Developed in collaboration with a start-up, and with funding support from our close partner Vitruvian, this proof of concept aims to revolutionise the way new staff learn to operate the unique coffee concept housed within a cargo container.

VR Coffee Shop: Unleashing the Potential of Shipping Containers

In this immersive video, we delve into the endless possibilities of utilising shipping containers. Witness the transformation of a standard container into a fully functional coffee business, where the virtual reality environment allows for dynamic interactions and simulations.

Coffee Making Training: An Engaging Virtual Experience

Step inside our VR coffee shop and embark on an exciting coffee making training journey. Explore the intricacies of the specially designed coffee maker machine, tailored specifically for training purposes. Through the power of virtual reality, users can engage in a fun and interactive experience that teaches them the essentials of coffee preparation and operation within the unique cargo container setting.

Enhancing Coffee Knowledge and Skills:

The Cargo Coffee Pod VR experience offers numerous advantages over traditional training methods. Trainees can learn the intricate steps of opening and shutting down the coffee concept in a safe and controlled virtual environment. The immersive nature of VR enables new staff to gain hands-on experience, fostering confidence and proficiency in handling the coffee-making process.

Collaboration and Innovation:

This project was made possible through a collaborative effort between our team, the start-up and the support of Vitruvian. Together, we pushed the boundaries of coffee training, embracing virtual reality as a powerful tool for knowledge transfer and skill development. The Cargo Coffee Pod VR experience represents a prime example of how technology and innovation can revolutionise the learning process.

Future Possibilities:

As this proof of concept paves the way for the future of coffee training, we envision further enhancements and expansions. Imagine the ability to explore various coffee concepts, experiment with different brewing techniques and interact with virtual customers to practice customer service skills. The possibilities are endless, and we are committed to exploring and implementing new features to enrich the VR coffee training experience.


The Cargo Coffee Pod VR project stands as a testament to the power of virtual reality in transforming coffee training. Through our partnership with the start-up and the support of Vitruvian, we have created an engaging and immersive learning experience. We believe that this innovative approach will shape the future of coffee education, empowering new staff to excel in the fascinating world of specialty coffee.

(Note: All images and videos used in this case study are representative and conceptual.)