Resonant Blue Marketing is proud to have been engaged by Lake Macquarie City Council to create the West Wallsend Mining 1910 and 1979 VR Experience, a community project developed in partnership with the West Wallsend District Heritage Group. This unique VR app takes users on an immersive journey through the coal-mining history of West Wallsend, showcasing realistic tunnel experiences, 3D models of mining equipment, tunnel maps, historical photos and mining signage from two pivotal periods in the region’s history.

The VR experience is situated underground in the mines of West Wallsend, giving users a realistic and breathtaking view of the harsh conditions miners faced. This includes the explosive events and subsequent tunnel collapses that occurred in each of 1910 and 1979, providing users with a realistic and engaging insight into the risks associated with mining during these eras.

The project is showcased at the Sugar Valley Library Museum in Cameron Park, a new facility combining both community museum and library, and the first of its kind in the Newcastle region.

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