Super Fast Publishing

In a world where anyone can whip up a web site, a Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest page and populate it with words and images over time, very few people take the time to write and publish a book. Only a little while ago, more than half a million manuscripts were being written submitted to publishers every year in the hopes of being one of the scarce few to make it to market.

Now, with the advent of self-publishing and a global marketplace available to everyone, it’s possible to write and publish a book easily and quickly. The book has become a status symbol that separates the everyman from the expert.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a process to vastly accelerate the book publishing cycle with a particular focus on efficiency for CEOs and experts. We’ve shared this process in ‘The Fast Book Handbook‘ which is available on Amazon. We also help clients directly with the process from concept to delivery.

Alongside a dozen books for our CEO, Tim Levy, we’ve produced the following client titles –