Join us as we explore the innovative application of virtual reality in the Renew Newcastle project, specifically focused on the redesign and refurbishment of the historic Newcastle Train Station in New South Wales, Australia. Our virtual reality building design system offers a glimpse into the future, allowing stakeholders to visualise and plan the interior spaces of this historically sensitive building before the actual construction and renovation take place.

VR Train Station: Redefining Design Visualisation

In this quick demo, we showcase the power of virtual reality in transforming the way we approach railway station refurbishments. Our virtual reality train station application provides an immersive experience that allows stakeholders to explore and visualise the redesigned interiors with remarkable detail and accuracy.

Seamless Building Design and Railway Renovation:

Our virtual reality design system offers a unique opportunity to envision and refine the interior spaces of the Newcastle Train Station in historically safe conditions before the physical construction begins. By immersing stakeholders in a virtual environment, we enable them to make informed decisions, refine design elements and optimise the utilisation of available space. This approach helps streamline the renovation process and ensures that the final outcome meets the desired objectives.

Collaborative Design Exploration:

Through our virtual reality system, we foster collaboration between architects, designers and project stakeholders. By virtually experiencing the proposed designs, everyone involved gains a shared understanding of the spatial layout, aesthetics and functionality of the renovated train station. This collaborative approach promotes informed discussions, enhances decision-making and ultimately leads to a more successful and satisfying design outcome.

Empowering Stakeholders with VR Visualisation:

The virtual reality experience offers a unique perspective on the future train station. Stakeholders can freely navigate through the virtual space, observing architectural features, evaluating interior design choices and visualising the overall atmosphere, all without any risk of compromising this historic building. This immersive visualisation enables stakeholders to provide valuable feedback, make adjustments and ensure that the design aligns with the intended goals and objectives.

Driving Innovation with VR Building Design:

The Renew Newcastle project demonstrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design innovation. By leveraging virtual reality, we enable stakeholders to make well-informed decisions, reduce design errors, optimise the use of resources and ensure the preservation of an historically sensitive landmark. The virtual reality building design system has the potential to transform the way we approach renovations of culturally important buildings, leading to streamlined renovations, enhanced user experiences and functional spaces.


The virtual reality visualisation of the Newcastle Train Station redesign within the Renew Newcastle project represents a significant milestone in the integration of technology and architecture. By embracing virtual reality, we empower stakeholders to actively participate in the design process, ensuring that the renovated train station meets the community’s expectations. Our commitment to driving innovation through virtual reality paves the way for future advancements in building design and renovation.

(Note: All images and videos used in this case study are representative and conceptual.)